destiny student ministries

Our Youth Ministry focuses on developing young people who love God, love others, and are equipped, ready and prepared to bring the Kingdom of God to their campuses. We are dedicated to creating an environment with powerful worship, inspirational teachings, and an engaging small group setting that encourages participation by all members of the group. We are intent on making disciples who have their own encounters with God, know His word, and reach their maximum potential in every season of their life.

our passion is for . . .

young people to experience God’s presence in their lives, proclaiming Jesus Christ as their ultimate leader. Additionally, our goal is to empower the generation of NOW—NOW prophets, NOW preachers, NOW teachers, NOW prayer warriors, and NOW worshipers for God— not the generation to come. Our mission is to give them an understanding of grace and empower them to change, equipping them to fulfill their individual purpose. Furthermore, we desire to regenerate their Hope, Love and Faith in Jesus Christ.

teens you have questions? God has answers – click here

This 12-day reading plan focuses on some of the tough questions teens ask about God, faith, and the Bible. Questions about sin and forgiveness, sexual purity, depression, and more. These questions—and their answers—come from the NIV Quest Study Bible for Teens.