Update on Church Services

In an effort to love our neighbors better, we have decided to have service online and not in person starting this Wednesday. This does not mean church is canceled. After all, we are the church and God’s presence is not limited to this or any other building. We will be having church service online and will have a call in prayer time. We will send out the call-in information though Facebook and Flocknote when it is ready.

Government and health officials have called for canceling large meetings to slow the spread of COVID-19. We are following suit. To not do so at this point would be arrogance. This is not a decision made from a lack of faith, nor a decision made out of fear. It is a decision to protect our flock and our neighbors.

Again, we are having church this Sunday. Just not in the church building. We ask that you worship with your families at home. After service, there will be a phone call for corporate prayer.

In addition to having church, we ask that you be the church. Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and those in high risk groups. Do so wisely, preferably give them a phone call or talking to them through the door. Spread God’s love not the virus.

Remember, Jesus’ blood covers you at home as much as it does anywhere else. We can’t wait until we can gather in person again but for now Do Not Be Shaken.

Grace and Peace,

Destiny Outreach Ministries